How Can You Sell a Home With Title Issues?

How Can You Sell a Home With Title Issues?

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How can you sell a home that has title issues in a relatively short period of time?

Even though the Oklahoma City real estate market has improved dramatically, not everyone is finding it easy to sell homes fast, especially if they have particular issues surrounding the title to their properties.

Unfortunately, this has become an incredibly common scenario in the wake of the housing and foreclosure crisis. Some titles have been blemished by failed attempts at foreclosure rescue, others by opportunists trying to take advantage of distressed homeowners. Some even have titles that insurers refuse to touch or serious code violations.

Maybe you have had deals fall apart already, you are about to give up, and are even facing a foreclosure yourself.

Fortunately, there are still several options to explore that will help you sell an Oklahoma City home with title issues. You can try to fix these issues yourself by contacting the parties involved, as to work out a deal. This could mean trying to negotiate with lien holders, compensating other owners to sign off on the sale, or challenging illegitimate claims to ownership. Of course, for those with little experience in these areas, it may not be a fast or easy process depending on the issue.

For many, a better option may be to find a real estate investor with cash that is happy to buy your home as-is and cure the situation on your behalf to facilitate a sale.

Don’t be discouraged or give up until you have pursued this option. Sometimes this can be trying, but also entirely possible with the right buyer, and perhaps a lot easier than you think.

Getting cash in your hand and unloading the burden could be just days away if you give it one more shot.

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